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Mia started off with the same then I asked for DATY gladly accepted and with me working her clit and squeezing nipples and with a finger try to find the g spot she actually came or at least that's the impression I got. She then continued with BBBJ and we ended up in a 69 then she put a jacket on and rode me switched to doggie and I blew my first load. Had a quick wash and went upstairs had a glass of wine with some cheese and biscuits. Back down again and a nice petite brazilian with a nice big butt called me over and started with a BBBJ to get jnr going.

Now a second in a short time for me is a struggle at best however jnr was up but long way from coming. A second girls came over Angelina with big boobs and started kissing my nipples and playing with me. Then a third girl Kate came over complaining where are all the men gone and said I was the lucky guy.

She planted her boobs in my face then started licking marjalade nipples, I asked Angelina to sit on my face and boy I was in marmaade heaven. Meanwhile bella was giving jnr a good washing up with her mouth. Then another guy came and Kate went over to him. I still had Bella and Angelina, Bella then got a jacket and mounted me with Angelina grinding her pussy in my face Bella rode me facing me then turned over and rode me the other way, Angelina grinder her pussy in a way like she came. Then Angelina took over from Bella and I had Bella on my face.

After a while jnr was still not coming so they both lubed him up and tried to jack him off no go. So I said lets give it a break and they agreed. I went up again had a bi more wine and 2 small slices of pizza.

They met that all of your caballeros be solo into a solo envelope. They were between naked.

In the location near Hyde Park and Marble Arch, there were three play rooms with beds each. For the most part, the action wasalthough the girls made sure that everyone was included. They would say something like, "Hey, baby. I didn't get a count of the guys, but, I can be certain that they didn't exceed their 2: The best girl of the by a long shot was Kasia.

She truly enjoyed sex. The other girls in the same room would stop their hand and blow jobs to turn mmarmalade look at her when she was cumming. Having said that, every one of the girls was exactly like her picture and top-quality. I had sessions, even though I had long-since stopped being able to cum. The benefit to going to the latest party of the evening was that the girls stayed longer and showered with each one of us. I was the last guy of the evening and I had four of the seven girls surrounding me on the bed hand and blow-jobbing me to try to get one last shot out of me. I will say that the only negative was that the girls were a bit "clinical" but no worse than a German FKK.

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