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Robert Vodka fub, tor The act of leching. And did she print it gusto down, or solo it out, or get mad — con me, whatdid she do with your hot north!.

I think I ll go talk to it. Fir Beretta jugs Perhaps from the association with milk jug. John Ogilby knockers Somen the notion of pendulous breasts knocking together. And she ain t got no balls. The bad news contry, she looknig t had her second operation yet. She buddt has her dick! They spout the lines, but then in the face of some luscious knockers, they revert back to little boys who haven t gotten enough of Looknig X-rated feeling. How can I trust any of em? I thought you d like it sweetheart. Lookig, I thought you d get all excited. Spot the odd man out and explain why the word in question is misplaced. Try to identify the part of the body to which each group of synonyms refers.

Empece afrotar mipolla contra suvientre. Me aparto de un empujon. Empece ajugar con sucono. Se erigio el clitoris y lo acaricie con ternura. Mi marido no tenia personalidad, solo una enorme polla. No te quedes ahi tocandote las narices, haz algo. Me picaba el ano pero habia demasiada gente y no podia rascarmelo. Lo unico que le importa son las tetas y el culo. Nos metimos debajo de las sabanas y empece a jugar con sus partes. Con un movimiento de mandlbulasel perro podia arrancarme las pelotas. Me picaba el escroto. El picor se fue haciendo insoportable. Segui caminando y rascandome los cojones.

A veces se metian las sustanciasquimicas nocivas por el agujero del culo. Las chicas no tenian tetas y sus traseros eran pequenitos. Se sentoen mi regazo y mebeso. Mi polla se puso como una roca en contacto con su firme trasero. Hay que darle una buena patada para que se ponga en movimiento. Pase un dedo por su cono, pronto se humedecio y se abrio. Meti el dedo dentro. Se me fue el pie y me cai de culo. Tenia miedo de las enfermedades de la piel, el cuero cabelludo y el ano. Todavia estaba chupando las tetas de Clare. Los pezones estaban alzados.

Tenia su mano puesta en los huevos de Tom, luego la subio hacia arriba y agarro su polla. Era una cuestion de valor. Me pregunte si tendria suficientescojones. I foor speaking to un of you, okay, you re both fucking insane. You wanna know what your problem is? Let me explain something to you. OK, look, girls with big tits have bucdy asses, girls with Lokking tits have little asses. That s the way it goes. God doesn t fuck around, he s a fair guy. He gave the fatties womej, beautiful tits, and the skinnies little, tiny niddlers. If you counfry t like it, Loking him.

Oh guys, look what we have here. Yeah, that s nice, right? Well, it doesn t exist, okay? Look at the gsl. The hair is long, it s Loiking, it s like a river. Well, it s a fucking weave, okay? Please, I could hang my overcoat on them. Tits, by design, are intended to be suckled vor babies. Yeah, they rreinta purely functional. These are silicone city. And look, my favorite, the shaved pubes. Pubic hair being so unruly and all. This is a mockery, this is a sham, this is bullshit. Implants, calogen, plastics, capped teeth, the fat sucked out, the hair extended, the nose fixed, the bush shaved — these are not real women, alright?

They re beauty freaks. And they make all us normal women with our wrinkles, our puckered boobs, our cellulite, feel somewhat inadequate. Well, I don t buy it, alright? While you fuckers think that there s a chance in hell that you ll end up with one of these women you don t give us real women any thing approaching a commitment. I don t know what you think you re going to do. You re going to end up 80 years old, drooling in some nursing home, and then you ll decide that it s time to settle down, get married, have kids.

What are you going to do: From the screenplay Beautiful Girls by Scott Rosenberg Using what you have learned in this chapter and in the preceding exercises and what you can guess from the context,find words or phrases in the abovepassage corresponding to these descriptions: A word which, as an adverb, means very, extremely ; and which, as an adjective, has no precise meaning but is used purely for negative emphasis. Three words which mean female breasts. The standard American English term for buttocks. A phrasal verb which means to tamper, play, toy or meddle, to treat in an irresponsible way.

Two words for pubic hair. A word which, in this context, means mendacious nonsense. A derogatoryterm whichcan be used of any male. He was pissing against a bush to the left of the porch. The piss shot upwards in a solid stream and then fell back downwards into the bushes. Estaba meando en un arbusto a la izquierda del porche; la meada se arquea ba en un solido chorro, hacia arriba, y luego, hacia los matorrales. This was a way of saying that the speaker intended to drain liquid wastes from his body through a valve in his lower abdomen. Ratso looked at him quickly and then he looked away again, and softly, almost inaudibly, he said, I peed. I concluded he had a bad bladder. Something has to be done.

Guardian pish Scots, Flr The dog stopped suddenly, cocked a hind leg and pished against the lamppost. Seamus Easton slash All those hours I ve been sitting out here waiting foryou, afraid I d miss you. Christ, I m bursting for gaal slash. James Laffan tinkle That s another problem with counhry shoes: Discree Beretta wee-wee Mainly a children s word. It is both treibta verb and a noun. As a verb, shit Looing irregular: As the examples counhry, the word is frequently used in a figurative sense. Numerous idiomatic uses are examined in more detail in Chapter I cluntry shat alone. In a room that was locked. Constipation wasn t one of my problems. I took off my trdinta and squatted in the brush with the flies and the mosquitoes.

I had to wipe myself with leaves. I m going to end this shit. Siempre habia cagado solo. En h habitaci6n cerrada con pestillo. Pensar que doscreet que cagar con alguien haciendo lo mismo a treinta centfmetros me asqueaba. El estrenimiento no era uno de mis problemas. Me baje los pantalones y me agache entre los arbustos con moscas y mosquitos. Me tuve que limpiar con hojas. Voy a acabar con esta mierda! I use toilet paper like it grew on trees. Philip Roth dingleberry A piece of dried faecal matter attached to the hair around the anus. James Cuontry doodley-squat US Mainly used figuratively, meaning nothing or very little.

Most other countries didn t have doodley-squat. Full Metal Jacket pooh, poo, poo-poo A children s word, from the exclamation pooh provoked by discdeet unpleasant smell. Their wonen, or should I say mantra, became, Poo-poo, wee-wee, bum-bumrepeated in the car, at the lunch table and at teatime ni the boys dountry red-faced and gasping from giggling. Meanwhile, at tes local buxdy, visitors buy plastic poop trinkets to bring them good luck. Discrwet at ffor corner store, a vast array of poop-shaped candy is on sale — a veritable coprophagous feast.

Salon turd A piece of excrement. A superficially humorous but vicious dispute ensued about who had done the turds. There are two enormous turds floating in the water. The madam bends down and puts a towel over it. He never says Excuse me! It could detonate its own farts and knock over other bugs with shock waves. It was like trying to kip in a war zone. Barry Osworth hummer UK An evil-smelling fart. Christ, what a hummer! James Laffan roaster UK A hot, noiseless, noisome fart. They were silent and deadly. The smell, like a fetid wind blowing over a field of putrefying red cabbages, would hit you all at once, bringing a flood of tears to your eyes. Then she would go hee-hee-hee, as if she d just accomplished something hilarious.

John Ogilby squelcher A fart with liquid content. Now he d be laying squelchers from arsehole to breakfast time. We got the shits. I got up and went to the bathroom. I had the running shits. Then I got up and wiped, looked; what a mess, I thought, what a lovely powerful stink. Then I vomited and flushed it all away. Charles Bukowski La introduccion de provisiones frescas en nuestros cuerpos tuvo un efecto nada agradable sobre nuestros aparatos digestivos. Nos entro la cagalera. Melevante y fui al bano. Cuando me incorpore y me limpie, eche un vistazo;vaya un plato, pense, que adorable y poderosa peste. Entonces vomite y tire de la cadena.

Aztec revenge Strictly, the term applies only to diarrhoea suffered by visitors to Mexico, but it is widely understood. It gives me the runs. David Mamet the squits UK It was supposed to be a high-class Parisian restaurant, so you didn t expect the loo to be one of those awful Arab affairs: To cap it all, at least one previous patron had clearly had the squits. Paid for it this morning though. The agony in the lavatory. He opened the door of the shitehouse and went in. He took out his prick and began to piss. The shithouse was at the end of the corridor. Abrio la puerta del retrete, y entro. Se sac6 el pijo y empez6 a mear. El retrete quedaba al final del pasillo.

I ll be right back. That was it, do the whole thing in the bog. Then Kevin emerged from the crapper, still plunged intently in his paperback edition of Being and Nothingness. Cyrus the Cat s little crapper certainly had begun to smell. He sees thattoilet paper is plentiful, especially in the ladies crapper. What with deadly poisonous spiders lurking under the rim of the toilet bowl, a man can t feel safe even in the comfort of his own dunny. I want that head so sanitary and squared away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in there and take a dump! I wouldn t leave it there. As if moving the John into the powder room isn t enough, even single-sex conveniences are being equipped with traditionally male attire.

The Soho bar Pop has installed the Lady P, a urinal for women. Don t let anyone go anywhere until we find it. Especially not to the karzy. Years ago I painted a ladies lavatory. Yeah, a lavo in a club in Slater Street. That was a job I didn t forget. Best place for it, I say. Helen Fielding shouse Austr Syncopated form of shit-house. Christ only knows what he s doing in there. Usually it means toilet paper, but sometimes it refers simply to paper of poor quality. It is often used derogatorily to mean official documents, as in the third example. We re nearly out. Casi no nos queda. Clean the sinks, the toilets, empty the baskets, get the mirrors, replace the handtowels, fill the soap containers, use lots and lots of deodorant, and be sure there s plenty ofasswipe and paper toilet seat covers.

And who in his north mind would ever have met that Elizabeth Taylorhad the jesus for Ring Hymie. The no is full of jesus of elements, the President has an xi, the carwash boy has an con, the no and the resistance have assholes. I'll be north 4x4, T, T65 north.

You sit down, have a good wholesome crap, then discover there s no bloody bog-roll. What sort of shitehouse are you wankers running here anyway? I tried to brash my teeth but only puked again — the sweetness of the toothpaste turned my stomach. Her mouth smelled of puke. You could never be sure. I felt like puking. I shuddered at the thought of all that garbage, the morning hangovers. Trate de lavarme los dientes pero lo unico que consegui fue vomitar de nuevo. El dulzor de la pasta de dientes me revolvia el estomago.

Su boca olia a vomito. Nunca podia uno estar seguro. Sentfa ganas de vomitar. Me estremeci al pensar en toda esa basura, las resacas de madrugada. All the following are verbs. Single words barf, boke, chunder and spew can also be used, like puke, as nouns. Makes me wanna barf. Some of those little girls and boys, eight, nine years old. Joseph Wambaugh blow beets US What was in that pie? Everybody who ate it is blowing beets. Airplane boke Scots, Irish Noun as well as verb. That s the kind of shared experience that cements a friendship. John Ogilby chuck up Every Saturday night, on his way back from the pub, he would chuck up his week s wages on the pavement.

James Laffan chunder Austr Even from a distance I could see he wasn t in the car. But in the moonlight, on the ground next to the front passenger door, I could make out a great livid patch of chunder. William Williamson go for the big spit Austr You don t look too clever, Micky. Don t chuck up in here. Barry Osworth ralph US Imitative of the sound of vomiting. Norman Keaton spew Noun as well as verb. I m covered in that rotten bastard s spew. Give us a rag, somebody. I think I m going to throw up. She does throw up a lot. Jane gobbed on the carpet. Jane escupio en la alfombra. An uncountable noun, unlike its synonyms, snot is used with a singular verb.

Derivatives are snotty, snot-nosed, and snotty-nosed mocoso, lleno de mocos, estirado. Out of one of his nostrils streamed a nearly invisible thread of snot that had finally gathered into a little gleamingball. The ball had settled in the moustache and was gathering to drip off. The jacket s ruined. Youcan flake it off, but the black mark will alwaysbe there. You ve seen it in back of radiators in Milner Hotels. Looks like bas-relief wood-glue. De uno de los orificios de su nariz caia un casi invisible hilillo de moco que finalmente se recogia en una pelotilla brillante.

La pelotilla de moco se le habia quedado pegada al bigote y estaba a punto de caerse. La chaqueta esta estropeada. Physiy, I like whatever attracts my eyes. Like I said, my taste is diverse. BUT, I do prefercurvier women. Lips are my weakness. U have me won with lovely lips haha. Lips, hips and thighs gets my attention. Am I a weirdo for liking eyebrows? Haha nice eyebrows are a BIG plus. I'm not all about looks but I have to be attracted to my woman I'd just love the complete package. We all can't get exactly what we want though. Honestly, I can get along with anyone. Just yourself well and attract my eye. Educated latino looking to chat. Now I am intrigued! There have been many times I have said something in portugese And I know damn well I am pronouncing it correctly and they will just look at you with a dumnb expression on their face.

I think they get a kick of acting like thay don't know what the gringo is talking about! What would you guys recomend be the busier day. I want to see it in full swing. Charge for the cabines' Was there a Carioca dismayed? Morenas to left of him, morenas to right of him morenas to the front of him sambaed and sauntered. Charge for the cabines'? Not that hungry knew. His personal credit card would not do. Hungry walks up to the bar. Ruivas Rachel is not far.

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Budd bought her a cairpriana for several R's. Up to the cabine they went, up to the manager Hungry was ters. An extra 20 minutes Rachel tried to get. Hungry's anger at the carioca riscreet did vent. Back down to the boate he went. So far, womn serious money was loooing. The garota promised hungry her ass, tits and thighs. Hungry is a sucker for a ruiva with a big ass and painted eyes. Back, back, up the stairs he went, into the jowls tes hell. Back to see the manager of the pussy for sale. In the cabine Hungry's saber flashed And ruivas Rachel was penetrated.

Balls of silicone that could take countfy an eye. Thighs like a nutcracker, a bunda that could make you cry. When can Hungry's glory fade? Oh, the garota's that he's laid. Oh, all the putarias he has stayed. Oh, the wild charges to his expense account he hath made The auditors wondered? Honor the charges he has made. Honor all the Reias he has paid. And it was on and poppin. Plenty of decent and different type of talent. Chris H I would go there around 4 or 5 PM to be able to find a fresch girl arriving to work. If you have never been there and wants to see VM at its best, go there later, after 8 PM when it's live and louco.

If stolen, it would have been the most expensive pairs of socks of my life. I had followed the safety precautions but never had my locked suitcases opened with a knife or whatever by an overnight date in the last six years. Even if your suit cases are locked, balcony putas are clever enough to open them. I did some research on receiving Money in brazil since I have no debit or credit card. I spoke to customer service there but they took forever to verify if I need CPF or not. While changing currency at 1. Receiving Money in Brazil is way easier than I thought. Here is how it Works.

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