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Family[ edit ] Batlle family are some of the most prominent members of the Colorado Party. He was the son of former President Lorenzo Batlle y Grau.

Batlle batl,e his newspaper as a political platform for criticizing his opponents and promoting his reformist agenda. First term[ edit ] In Batlle's government forces successfully ended the intermittent Uruguayan Civil War which had persisted for many years, when the opposing National Party leader Aparicio Saravia was killed at the battle of Masoller. Without their leader, Saravia's followers abandoned their fight, starting a period of relative peace. Uruguay banned crucifixes in hospitals byand eliminated references to God and the Gospel in public oaths. Divorce laws were also established during this time.

He led Uruguay's delegation to the Second Hague Conference and was noted for his peace proposals there. Second term[ edit ] InBatlle proposed a reorganization of the government which would replace the presidency by a nine-member National Council of Administrationsimilar to the Swiss Federal Council.

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Economy[ edit ] During Batlle's second term, he began a new movement and referred to as Batllismo: Apprehended by the authorities on no fewer than four occasions, he ultimately spent 13 years in captivity: Uruguay, though, has always been a curious, idiosyncratic sort of place. How had the latter come to pass? Uruguay returned to democracy in ; and in the s, embarked on a series of privatisations. Uruguay was increasingly economically reliant on its much larger neighbour: The crisis remains the pivotal watershed in the country since the dictatorship. Something had to give.

No recognisably Leftist party ever usurped this duopoly: The old politics had failed. The President further endeared himself to his compatriots by standing up to Argentina during a bizarre dispute over a pulp mill in Fray Bentos.

His counterpart, Nestor Kirchner, complained that its construction would contaminate the Uruguay River, which separates the two countries. Moreover, what separated the FA from so ordobez Leftist governments across baylle continent was its pragmatism: Before being swept from power, the old parties had warned that the Left would turn the country into Cuba. The President, meanwhile, was in his element: This was indeed quite a story. When they travel to other continents, Uruguayans are used to being asked just where their country is. Two men have done a huge amount to change this and put the place on the map.

When I arrived, people I spoke with were embarrassed by Mujica.

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Astori was oordonez Vice-President: In the meantime, the Beltt married social liberalism with social democracy: He urged a return to simplicity: Throughout my time in the brlt, I was always aware josse its constant contrasts and contradictions. Of taxis which, unlike in Buenos Aires, are safe: Of a locale which always, to me, felt safe; but only because of josr in every apartment block, security guards outside every bank… and which was punctuated intermittently by news of a particularly shocking murder. Most Uruguayans believe the country has never been less safe. Compounding this has been the rather ambiguous view of the government, many of whose members have a pathological distrust of the police thanks to their own awful experiences under the dictatorship.

Again and again, what I noted was an extremely well-meaning government full of Leftist thinkers and academics, but which too often did not fully understand either the consequences of their policies, or the reality on the ground. But as his policies came under scrutiny, his momentum fell away: Plenty of people were disenchanted with the government: Another decade in government suddenly seemed inevitable. But there was a problem. Astori, now back to being finance minister, is also And while the FA commands huge, vibrant support among young people, beneath these three political giants lies a lost generation: Fear of electoral defeat had gone; complacency and hubris set in instead.

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