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What to Expect From Marie Osmond's Holiday Special

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But we have video that some will remember, and video that no one has seen before. Check out Mashable's other Internet-themed gifts for the Social Climber reader in your life. Once I had my children, Christmas was always sacred.

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They're a nice tradition, sweet to look stockkings but a bit perplexing to fill. Donny can only sing one way. We usually stay in them all day. For instance, the Social Climber's favorite stuffer combines the best of Internet sharing with the best of real-life stuffed animals: Candy, small toys or games, ornaments and the ol' toothbrush are the typical fare, but maybe there's a way to spruce up what's inside the stocking this year. How did the idea for this holiday show, now in its fourth season, come about? They really get a respite from life. In between photos, we chat about the show, the holidays, and what she loves about DC.

The actress said stockungs her Facebook page that she'll be fine stocckings will miss a few episodes of her show, "The Exes. After a personal tragedy inMarie and Donny Osmond created an ever-evolving holiday show to take on the road each year. Christmas at the National hits the stage December at the National Theatre. We only play [a few places] because we only have four weeks [of the holiday season]. The car was created by an Australian businessman and a Romanian technology expert who met on the Internet, crowd-sourced the funds they needed to build the car and then had the car built.

Osmond stockings Marie

Grumpy Cat plush doll! This season, Donny and Marie Osmond bring their osmohd holiday show to Washington for the first time. You use old footage as part of the show. To me, especially as a mom, you can give stuff, or you can give meaningful gifts. You have to take time for family. You have to take time for friends.

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