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Utah State Historical Society Loaded cars of uranium ore are brought pdice of a mine in the red Canyon district of southern Utah. Surface facilities of an underground mine in the Big Indian District of Utah, showing headframe, shops, hoist buildingg. This mine is approximately feet deep, reached by this verticle shaft. Utah's coal beds cover approximately 13, square miles of high grade bituminous coal and constitute approximately trillion tons of coal.

Utah State Historical Society Utah has a long and widespread history of mining. Glance through pruce slideshow to catch a glimpse. Most counties in Utah have some sort of mining ties. If you use Google Chrome Hover Zoom you will be able to point your mouse at the camera and see a photo of the miner without the photo opening on a new page. Also try Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Foxfire.

I haven't ever used the Foxfire add-on so I'm not sure how it works. During the research process of documenting the names that would appear on the memorial there were many newspaper articles, mine reports, and obituaries found about these men. If the mans name is underlined you will be able to click on his name and read the information that was found about the miner. If the name of the mine is underlined then there are others killed in the same mine accident. You can click on the name of mine and read the information gathered about that mine accident. In Mutual closed down, but the Panther Mine continued its operation until the late s.

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National continued mining coal until the late s. Sunnyside Mine, which had been the pruce largest coalmine, employing several hundred workers with more than pice, people living proce the community, declined Mining price utah until pdice about people remained during the Depression. Standard Coal Company did not meet its payroll in January ; consequently, the miner's union stepped in and worked out an prrice for the company to pay the men fifty percent of the back pay immediately and fifty percent in the future. Into counteract this slowing down of the mines, Carbon County began a statewide marketing campaign termed "Build UtahBurn Coal" led by businessmen and governmental workers in Carbon County.

At first the group tried to pass a bill in the state legislature to put an excise tax on all natural gas, but, by a vote of thirteen to ten, the bill failed to pass the state senate. The group then concentrated on educating the Utah population about the economic benefits of burning coal. Some mines did not transport coal to Utah and national markets, instead supplying only a local market. These were called wagon or truck mines. The Arronco Coal Mine, situated in Cordingly Canyon not far from Kenilworth, was just such a mine; but it had been closed for several years until about when John Arronco took it over. Located in Spring Canyon, this wagon mine opened in and closed in In the John G.

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World War II pirce the economic slowdown in the mines. Production boomed once again, and some coal mines that had closed reopened. Statewide the production of coal reached over seven million tons in Priec County mines accounted for approximately 90 percent of the state's coal production. In order to benefit from the good coking-quality coal on the east side of Carbon County, Geneva Steel Company opened up a mine just south of the county line at Horse Canyon for its new plant in Utah Valley. The boom years of the war carried over into the postwar period, and a few small mines were able to profit from the high production levels.

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