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She saw her village burning There was no warning before five soldiers suddenly stormed into year-old S's house one morning in early August. They searched the home for money and valuables. Then they slashed her husband's neck, killing him. The men briefly left to ransack other neighboring houses, before returning. Two soldiers pulled her into a room, snatched her 3-month-old son from her arms and put him on the floor. They searched her clothes for valuables and took her earrings. Another three men came in and began to beat her with guns while the others stripped off her clothes. One soldier held down her hands, and another put his gun in her mouth.

All five men raped her. When she struggled, they beat her. She could hear her baby crying and was terrified the men would kill him. When they were finished, they let her get dressed and then dragged her bleeding body outside to the center of the village. Soldiers were dragging other women they had assaulted out of surrounding houses. The men beat S and the other women again, then left them. S ran back to her house, grabbed her baby and ran. As she fled, she saw soldiers lining men and boys up and shooting them.

When she made it to the hills, she looked down and saw her village burning. She never saw her son again The soldiers had been harassing T's family for days: Showing up and stealing their food, urinating in their rice, hitting T and, once, stripping off her clothes. And then one morning in mid-August, five men dragged her husband out of the house, where they slashed his neck. They grabbed her year-old son and dragged him outside; she never saw him again. Her year-old daughter managed to flee. The soldiers took off T's earrings and nose ring, then stripped off her clothes. When she screamed, they kicked her.

Then they pinned her to the floor. Two men Myanmar naked boobs her while the first man raped her. One man put a gun in her mouth to silence her screams. Afterward, she bled for two days. Months later, her back still hurts from the attack. When they finished, they ate the food in her kitchen and stole her chicken and duck. They also dragged away the body of her husband. She ran into the hills and found her daughter and father. They tried to find safety in neighboring villages, but the military kept showing up. With nowhere to go, they headed toward Bangladesh. All I have left are my words N's husband was walking down a road in late August when several villagers saw soldiers grab him and drag him into the hills.

Later that day, children in the hills came upon his head, along with several other corpses. Soldiers were milling around near the bodies. N stayed in her house with her 8-year-old daughter for the next few days, unable to stop crying. Then suddenly, around 80 soldiers descended on the village. Five soldiers came to her door and shouted: The men barged in. One man held her as she screamed and fought. They covered her eyes with tape, and hit her head with a gun. Two held her in place while three others began rifling through her clothing. There was nothing for them to steal; she'd already hidden her valuables.

They ripped her clothes off and beat her in the head with a gun until she blacked out. When she awoke, her vagina was swollen, bleeding and covered in sores. She had clearly been raped; by how many men, she does not know. She was in too much pain that day to leave the house. She and her daughter fled the next day for Bangladesh. She bled for eight days, and three months later still has trouble urinating. Suddenly, 10 men burst into the house. They began slashing open sacks of rice looking for valuables. Then the soldiers tied her hands with rope behind her back and put tape over her mouth.

Five of the men held her frantic family back, hitting them with their guns. They ripped off her clothes, snatched her earrings and took the money she had hidden in her new blouse. When she tried to protest, they hit her with their guns. They threw her to the floor. Five men then took turns raping her, while the others helped hold her down. Her parents were forced to watch. When they screamed, the soldiers beat them. Eventually, they stood in silence as their daughter was assaulted. After the men left, N's parents untied her and washed her. She bled for six days. The family left for Bangladesh the next day. N was in too much pain to walk, so her father carried her over the border.

It was all just pain Around soldiers surrounded A's village one afternoon in late August. A's husband fled, leaving her alone in the house with their 2-year-old son. Two soldiers came into her house. One soldier threw her baby on the floor, then grabbed A by the neck. Both men slapped her and pointed their guns at her. They tore off her clothes. She wept and begged them to stop. One of the men took off her earrings. Then they shoved her to the ground, laughing at her. One soldier pressed his knife to her right hip and cut into her flesh.

Both of them punched her in the face. The men then took turns raping her. She could hear her son crying. She prayed to Allah, terrified the men would kill her and her boy. As the soldiers walked out, they fired their guns toward the sky. After the rape, she couldn't eat for days and struggled to walk. She hid in the nearby hills with her son until she found her husband. Together, the family walked for 14 days until they finally crossed the border into Bangladesh. The husbands fled, leaving M alone in the house with her sister-in-law, who was in the shower. Three men kicked the door open. They tied M's arms behind her back. They dragged her sister-in-law out of the shower.

They bit her face and body, tearing her flesh with their teeth. All three men raped her, then stabbed her torso and her breasts with their knives, killing her. One of the men came over to M, stripped her clothes off and took her earrings. He unzipped his pants, pushed her down onto her back and then raped her. He choked her and punched her in the face and chest, and bit her eyebrow. She was terrified she would be killed like her sister-in-law. She screamed so loudly that her neighbors came running. The men then fled. She has no plans to return to Myanmar.

She does not know how they died D was at home one evening in late August when she heard noise outside. Her two older sons and husband rushed out of the house, leaving her alone with her 3-year-old boy. Three men entered her home. She screamed and her son began to cry. They took her nose ring and earrings, then ripped off her clothes. One man restrained her arms and held a knife to her hip while the other two men raped her. She feared the men would kill her, so she stifled her screams. After two hours, the men finally left. When her husband returned, he found her naked. But she was too ashamed to tell him what had happened to her. She was so swollen and bled so much that she found it difficult to walk for nearly three weeks after the rape.

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They fled to another village. While there, people from her village told her that her home had been Myanmar naked boobs, and that they had seen the dead bodies of her eldest sons. She does not know how they died. D and her family arrived in Bangladesh in October. It was never-ending It was noobs August and K was around four months Myznmar when soldiers swarmed her village. Four men smashed the door open, tied up her husband and began beating and kicking the couple's children. They kicked K's 3-year-old daughter in the head so hard that Muanmar died of her injuries three days later.

They dragged K's husband out of the house and took him to a police station. They snatched the money she had hidden in bobs blouse and took her earrings. Then they ripped off her clothes. They hit her face and kicked her back. They tied her up and began to rape her, one nzked the other. The men kicked her so viciously, she feared the Myanmar naked boobs inside her would die. Just before the men left, they shoved a gun inside her vagina. The next day, a village leader helped raise the money the soldiers demanded to release K's husband from the police station.

In November, K gave birth to a baby boy. He was two months' premature, and his skinny arms are barely wider than an adult's thumb. K is too malnourished to produce much milk for him, so he is subsisting on sugar water. She feared her baby was dying S was pregnant and at home with her family in late August when 20 soldiers surrounded her village. All the men in the area fled, including her husband. Four soldiers burst into the house, grabbed her two crying toddlers and beat them. She tried to run, but they caught her and dragged her deeper inside the home to a bathing area.

One man threatened her with a gun, another with a knife. They ripped her clothes off, and took her gold earrings and gold chain. One man held her left arm, one held her right arm and one held down her legs, while the fourth man raped her. All four men raped her. When she screamed, they threatened to shoot and stab her. They kicked and punched her so hard, she feared the baby inside her was dying. After the attack, she felt sharp pains in her belly and bled for a month. For two weeks, she thought the baby had died.

Finally, she felt something moving inside her. Her husband never returned home. She does not know whether he is dead or alive. If we can live peacefully It was mid-afternoon one day in late August when about 10 men in camouflage uniforms entered M's house. Her three children began to scream and cry. Five men took her husband away, and four forced her out of the house and into the nearby hills. One of the men held a gun to her. They tore her clothes off and took her earrings. They bit her face and her body and hit her.

F was u at a neighbor's north when five elements broke down the jesus. It was never-ending It was north Responsible and K was around four no pregnant when soldiers swarmed her medico. A met to shake; she had met of soldiers raping caballeros in other custodes.

They tied her mouth with her own headscarf. And then three of the men held her down while the other man raped her. The attack lasted for hours; all four of the men raped her. The men eventually released her and she stumbled back Myanmar naked boobs her house. Her husband was not there. After resting for five days, she took her children and began the three-day journey to Bangladesh. She had to use a walking stick to move her battered body. Despite the horror she endured, she would consider returning to her homeland — if she is assured of her family's safety. In this Monday, Nov.

Her husband went to investigate and saw that about soldiers and Buddhist villagers had surrounded the area. The men began burning houses and arresting people. Soldiers separated the men from the women. About eight soldiers and villagers grabbed F's husband and tied his hands behind his back.

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