Parental influence on dating

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Family Influences on Dating

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The research suggests that adolescents from families with more permissive belief systems tend to have more dating partners and partners with whom they are physically intimate.

Ask him about who he is dating, and get to know the person he is seeing. Mary Foster Parntal beliefs and religious practices influence dating behavior among adolescents to a significant degree. After children enter their teen years, parents wait with trepidation as their child starts to show interest in dating. While low socioeconomic status may contribute to low self-esteem -- particularly in boys transitioning to middle and high school -- and low self-esteem may factor into dating violence, other issues such as parental behavior, alcohol use and parental involvement in school and other social activities come into play.

Dating Parental influence on

A healthy parent-child relationship can encourage your teen to seek out healthy romantic relationships when he begins dating, according onn the University of Florida IFAS Extension influenec. Older siblings engaging in sexual activity may also be a contributing factor. Dating is a milestone of child development, and learning about healthful relationships during the teen years can encourage your child to seek positive connections as an adult. Some parents wait until the age of 15 or 16 to allow dating.

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Maintain a caring, supportive incluence with your teen. Other dating rules should establish curfews, appropriate and inappropriate dates and the age of potential dates. Jnfluence from families that stress faith and religious services attendance are less likely to demonstrate permissive behavior. Though single-parent households produce more adolescents who engage in sexual behavior, this may be due to several factors. Discuss the Risks Ideally, dating will allow your teen to learn how to forge relationships with others without any heartbreak or drama.

A well-informed teen will make smart choices when it comes to relationships, including knowing when to end them.

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