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Cable and satellite companies look to pay-per-view porn

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Police believe they had been in business for at least a year. If standing up during an entire—possibly bouncy, turbulent—flight is worth the savings, does the same hold true for being surrounded by seatmates who are caught up in steamy movie scenes? Seven women, a manager and a man who claimed to be the owner were arrested at a Mayberry Park, Alberton, house yesterday following complaints of unusual female traffic at the pay-per-view porn business. How much are we willing to put up with for lower airfare?

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The girls were busy, working shifts through the day and night. To the aPyperviewporn it said brothel. There were four chatrooms, each divided into three cubicles, in which the women operated. Many complained they were billed but hadn't watched anything yeah right or tried to complain about picture quality.


He recently announced plans for the European low-cost carrier to start offering high—altitude erotic films. The obvious answer to that question—because hotels have novel things called doors and privacy—was apparently not raised. Another Ekurhuleni suburban bordello just waiting to be busted, they thought. One of the rooms was used as a hub, where police found a dozen modems, Kgasago said.

Police are investigating further, and the nine suspects are to appear in court. Just a week after releasing its fourth annual Cabin Crew Charity Calendar —featuring stewardesses posing in revealing lingerie and bathing suits—Ryanair is flirting with controversy yet again. Ryanair's CEO thinks so.

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