Pip Wilson, British psychologist, expert for persons with conduct disorder, expert for experimental learning and development of emotional intelligence, is the author of this article. This is one of his famous and appreciated Blob Tree tests which were originally made for the school children in order to assess how well they deal with the school tasks. But, later it turned out that it is relevant for the adults too.

This test helps in recognizing and strengthening the person’s right and achieving the desired emotional state, and even to some extent, firms their position in the society. Each of these little men on the tree has different moods and they occupy different position.

For the start, you should determine which one of them looks like you.

Then pick one little man that you would like to be.rsz_psixo_test

So, who you are and who you want to be? It may be the one same little man.

Explanation of the test results

If you picked 1, 3, 6 or 7, it means that you are motivated person, who is not afraid of any blockades through your life.

If the numbers 2, 11, 12, 18, or 19 were your choice then you are communicative person which will support the friends in any situation.

If you picked the little man at 4-th position, this means that you are a person with stable life position, and a person who wants to achieve many goals without overcoming difficulties.

Number 5 means that you are always tired, weak and without enough life force.

Number 9 means that you are joyful person who likes parties.

Number 13 and 21 means that you are closed person, often exposed to worries. You often avoid communicating with other people.

Number 8 means that you like to withdraw in yourself, thinking about yourself and live in your own world.

If you picked numbers 10 and 15 then you are normally adapted on your life, and you are in optimal state.

Number 14 means that you are collapsing emotionally and you are probably exposed to inner crisis.

Number 20 means that your self-esteem is high. You are a natural leader and the people often ask for your opinion.

If you picked the number 16 then you are feeling tired from supporting someone, but you didn’t notice yet. You are embraced by number17 and in this case you tend to evaluate yourself as a person surrounded by attention.