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So here are my five top tips for having an awesome experience speed dating.

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Use the icebreaker Many of our events are themed. The icebreaker is there for a reason. Bring a book to the literary event ; Play a track to your dates at Stereo Speed Dating ; Have a travel story or an idea of your dream destination for travel bug speed dating. In other words, avoid awkward silences and stand out from the crowd. Negativity is negative Keep things positive. Not only do people enjoy the good news and general happy vibes, explaining how your terrible dating experiences in the past have led you to speed dating as a last resort is not going to engender you to anyone.

Dating Pua tips speed

These are the things that make you who yips are. Or at least talk about the ones that interest you. It will save the people you meet from feeling really awkward and it will help your self-esteem no end. At worst this is sociopathic and objectifying. It suggests you view everyone as an object for you to claim as your own.

Enjoy the fact the pressure of attraction is no longer present. That being said it is the girls who are there for the datinh or because they want to support a friend 'tend' to be the ones where you have the Pu success and usually are the adting attractive within the group. If you see girls enter in a group then take note of these ones and pick your targets, you want to make friends with the less attractive and have intent with the more attractive ones. A few words or warning from what I have learnt from talking to guys before and after events and also from girls I have been out with. That isn't the case in cold approach and it isn't the case here, she has 3 minutes to show you why you should mark her as yes, just as much as vice versa.

Do you want to be the fifth guy that asks her what she does for a living or some other boring question anyone can ask. Some tips for what you should be doing at events: My typical interaction will go along the lines of: Checking out her name badge, this shows that you are confident and take what you want, you don't wait around - I then always shake hands firmly as I sit down and make strong eye contact as I start my time with her, if she tries to ask me me boring questions I call her on it 'Boring, come on you can do better that!! Make sure you make a huge impact on them and set yourself apart.

Here is a FR from my first Speed dating event which has an outline of some of the interactions that went well, most of my decent ones will go similar to the ones that are good in here If you have any more questions post them below thanks guys Ready To Master Your Dating Life?

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