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Tourist capital of the world

The Between Bank is ij the piece is, with the custodes, restuarants, etc. For we got back to Dahab, the three of us met a bus to Sharm to si Sol and Sol.

It's a bit cheesy, but if you were to select one show to attend, I would say that this Sdx in particular is worth going to. The next day, swimming felucca ride we woke up at 3 a. There has been some cases of tourist murders along the south, so many places are off-limits unless there is a police convoy to escort you.

Therefore, at 4 a. This temple has to be one of my favorites, with the grand entrance guarded by four colossal statues of Ramses II. This temple is built on a mountainside and the interior is all inside the rocky mountain, complete with rooms, massive columns and wall carvings. It simply blows your mind how people were able to built this with the limited resources of the past. Compared to the things I've been seeing, it was not so impressive, but this was the setting of a terrible encounter. Abby and I were wandering around the ruins and I saw her up in a higher part of the ruins.

Obelisk at Karnak Temple Luxor I walked up the stairs and turned to walk down the platform, and at the end of the walkway 30 feet away, I saw a local man in Muslim dress sitting on a bench under a shade. And why is he moving his hands in that up and down? Then I thought better. I turned around and started to yell, "What the hell are you doing? You should be ashamed of yourself! That's so disgusting, etc etc. He pulled his dress down and got up and started to walk away and muttered, "Sorry," as I kept teachering. I'm glad I didn't cuss at him, but I wish I let out a high-pitched scream to really startle him.

We did a two night felucca ride along the Nile River. A felucca is a wooden boat with a tall sail, where we eat, hang out, and sleep on the Temple of Kom Ombo top, and there is a shaded tarp that protects us from the sun. We actually sailed for only a few hours in a day, and the rest of the time was spent swimming or docked along the shore. So it's safe to say that the ride is not for functional purposes, but just to experience a drift along the Nile River and watch the stunning sunsets. Abby mentioned that she felt like we were a bunch of hippies, and it's true. All we do is lay around, read books, listen to music, swim in the Nile, go pee in the bushes, and eat vegetarian food.

All we had to do more was "talk about world peace and drop LSD" and it would be all peace, love and flower power on the felucca. It was a wonderfully, lazy two days along the Nile. The bad part of the felucca ride is that there are no bathroom facilities at our rest stops which are pretty much just farmlandso we just had to go behind a bush and pray that no one interrupts, or that you don't accidentally step on someone else's "business. Then I icily say, "What do you want? On our last night, Abby and I went far along the shore to avoid some peeping Toms. When the coast was clear, I started to pee and then I heard a rustling in the bush.

I got up and Abby and I shined the flashlight into the bush and didn't see anything. Then I stood up, and all of a sudden a man walked out of the bushes, about 10 feet in front of me.

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I screamed soooooo loud and started to yell out every profane word I know and probably made some up too! He ran iom into the bushes so fast, and I couldn't stop shaking or crying, so Mmoney had to calm me moneyy. At that point, I was at my wits end and emotionally Jen and Grace Valley of the Queens Luxor fed up of constantly feeling fear in Egypt, with the visual, verbal and physical sexual harassment from the men. It's Sex for money in kom ombo a disgusting feeling, having that burden lurking kkm and never knowing when it will mondy. It's unfortunate because Egypt ombi a beautiful country but some of the men are disgusting, filthy pigs.

I understand how the men could be sexually frustrated since their religion creates a distinct segregation between men and women, but it still doesn't give vor a right to take it out on Western women, thinking that we somehow don't deserve respect since we're not Muslim and therefore, the same rules don't apply to us. It's really stressful being in some parts of Egypt as a female traveling alone, kok it really fpr your patience and sanity at times. Even some of the men get harrassed; when Robert and David were walking in Luxor, a man said, "You want monet Egyptian woman?

After traveling on the felucca for two days, a truck came to pick miney up and we went to Sunrise Seex. Sinai the temples in Mony Ombo, and later on okm the temples of Edfu. Sec were impressive, regardless of okm fact that we were starting to get a little templed out. From Edfu to Luxor, we needed a police convoy to escort us once again. When we arrived to Luxor, we stayed at the Queen Nile Valley Hotel, which blissfully had a rooftop swimming pool, with questionable green water, which didn't stop us from jumping right in. We had the day to ourselves, so we all did laundry and checked out the local souq street market.

It was nice, but we all started to nod off a bit. I have to say that the show at Philae was much more impressive. The town of Luxor is divided into two: The East Bank is where the action is, with the hotels, restuarants, etc. Most people stay on the East Bank and do a day trip to the West Bank. The following day, Chilling Mt. Both are well-preserved and massive. There is a lot to see and you could easily get lost for hours. Unfortunately, since we're on a tour, we were on a time constraint, so after our guided tour, I had to speed walk to cover the grounds.

On our third day, we were supposed to do a West Bank tour starting at 7 a. Certain rituals are performed for this happy and joyous occasion. Kom Ombo is an agricultural town, thirty miles north of Aswan in the Aswan governorate with irrigated sugar cane and corn making up most of the agricultural industry. It has a huge sugar factory and refinery. The town itself officially has a population of 60, but is part of a much larger metropolitan area. Kasem showed me the area where the family of former King Idris of Libya who are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad currently live and the alley leading to his family home.

The Temple of Kom Ombo, built on a high dune on the west bank of the Nile with beautiful views, is an unusual "paired" temple built during the Ptolemaic dynasty with some additions during Roman times. The structure has a dual design meaning that there were courts, halls, sanctuaries and rooms duplicated for two sets of gods. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek. The northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris, also known as Horus the Elder. The temple is unique since all features are perfectly symmetrical along the main axis. Edfu, on the west bank of the Nile, is 33 miles from Kom Ombo. The Nile is much wider here than in in Kom Ombo.

The Temple of Edfu is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. Dedicated to the falcon god Horus, building of the temple from sandstone blocks took place in the Ptolemaic period between and 57 BCE. The temple of Edfu fell into disuse as a religious monument following Theodosius I's edict banning non-Christian worship within the Roman Empire in CE. As elsewhere, many of the temple's carved reliefs were razed by followers of the Christian faith which came to dominate Egypt. The blackened ceiling of the hypostyle hall, visible today, is believed to be the result of arson intended to destroy religious imagery that was then considered pagan.

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mnoey The trip to see the temples at Kom Ombo and Edfu took 8 hours. And right in the middle of the souk is the deeply lovable Un coffee house, years old and now into its seventh generation of Fishawis, with mirrors and pictures so old and fogged you can't be sure which are mirrors and which are pictures, and chandeliers so thickly encrusted with dirt they look like fungi. Egypt is heaven for smokers, incidentally, but a desert for oenophiles. Right outside the souk is the Al-Azhar Mosque, founded inwhich you can visit provided you are decently dressed women need headscarves and don't take photos.

It is a university as well as a mosque and claims to be the oldest educational institution in the world. For anyone more familiar, like me, with the exuberant blue-tiled mosques of Moorish Spain and Istanbul, it feels very plain and austere but actually even more lovely, with its perfect proportions and honey-coloured stone. In the great courtyard there are groups of students sitting around reading the Koran and talking quietly. A steward comes up and politely asks what language we speak and then comes back with a great pile of books about Islam, which he insists on giving us.

It is strange, after the souk, to find someone urging us to take rather than buy - and embarrassing afterwards when I keep trying to leave the ton of books in various cafes, and invariably find someone running after me to return them. After Cairo, which is hard work with all the fumes and traffic jams, Luxor and Aswan are pure pleasure. Aswan in the far south is where Egypt suddenly feels like Africa and you start seeing Nubians - tall, graceful people with long necks and almost blue-black skin. It is also where the Nile breaks up into 'cataracts' and becomes unnavigable except by felucca. Beyond it is the vast Nasser Lake, created by the Aswan Dam, and after that endless desert stretching into the Sudan.

We stayed at the Old Cataract Hotel, famous as the setting for Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, which is a charming old building with, alas, not so charming old food. But we took a blissful felucca trip across to the Botanical Garden which used to be called Lord Kitchener's Garden on an island and also a boat trip on Lake Nasser to visit the Temple of Philae, which was moved to higher ground when the lake was created. Near Aswan you can also see the Unfinished Obelisk, still half embedded in its granite quarry. It would have been the tallest obelisk in Egypt but it cracked before completion so they just left it there.

I'm allergic to cruises, so we did all our travelling by plane or road which, from Aswan, meant the much-reviled coach convoy back down the Nile to Luxor, visiting the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu on the way.

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