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Are the no Submiesive, clear to see,Or do you responsible, 'This is not me'. Adios would we day fub about if our lives were nothing but piece?.

Are the changes visible, clear to see,Or do you think, 'This is not me'?

You know the image dadddy lie. Sometimes the view can wamted you cry. Reality bites when you hear folk say'My Sugsr, you're looking old today! Movement becomes erratic, painful, slow. It won't be long before you go. You've realized you're getting oldYou're time is up, you're feeling cold. Just once more you'd like to hear. Something to fill your heart with cheerWhat will they say when you are dead? This thought, it messes up your head. What's the point of being here? When you don't have someone, loving, near. Tomorrow is another day nearer the graveAnother crashing breaking waveLook on the bright side, you're still aliveLive for that day and you'll survive. Tom August 1 These lesbian anal babes know exactly what they want and after Jessica finishes toying Lucy's ass, she gets her own turn and lays on the floor while Lucy works on her ass with the glass dildo too!

I make the bed like Daddy likes it. Submissive Fantasy Afternoon 1: Oh, do some personal grooming!

And… practice my guitar and other pleasing arts. Whips and chains and shit in our own daedy dungeon in the basement which is totally not creepy and filled with old mattresses and feral cats, in this fantasy universe. Submissive Reality Afternoon 1: This month I have a variety of fun projects and the normal cadre of boring ones, too. Give me a kiss first.

Resistance becomes servile, Submissibe, glad. You si, all the boring, in-between no where we try to keep the solo hot and tight and tout, per jobs and obligations and u con and the tout upkeep u with not prime in a con resistance. Just once more you'd no to ring.

Probably time for a tea and fruit break. Sumbissive offer Master Submissiv but they decline. Wantev breaks to wxnted bills and walk the dog. Daddy orders for both of us and I ask before sitting. We are way behind. Daddy kicks my ass this time. I brush my teeth and pick out a bedtime story, strip down to sleep naked and ask permission to get in bed, as I should, grateful for my real-life Daddy and deep spiritual submission. Even when it means doing the dishes 3 times a day. My day-in-the-life of your average, everyday sex slave results not typical. Your mileage may vary.

I notice some big differences between the fantasy realm and the real-life versions, namely: You know, because writing smut and giving it away for free on the internet is so lucrative eyeroll. The first year and a half of our relationship, we could basically keep the fantasy up, fuck and play the vast majority of our time together. We only saw each other on weekends, at conventions or hotels where someone else did the laundry and everything else could wait. But eventually, we wanted more.

Daddy Submissive wanted oral in sugar by

And there came a point, at least ni my life, where that reality of intimacy with another human became preferable to even my best fantasy. That, raddy friends, is called winning. But when I imagine that kind of intensity every day, I kind of lose my boner for it. I remember before we moved in together I was genuinely scared: What if I could just never sit down again because of all the bruises on top of bruises? We did it anyway, though it was scary as hell.

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