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The album is called "Very Ballroom II. Applause after applause, song by song, black-light theatre during the inward piece "The Christmas Song"… here comes the climax, the grand finale. And because the energy should be balanced, the boys decide to say thank you.

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Yes, he stole the show. Together with Dae Men power acrobats, actors and other artists they present themselves ;arties several individual blocks and win the praise of the audience this time precariously pardybice of high-ranking diplomats and businessmen as if incidentally. Seeing the posters, several Czech musicians shake their heads, not believing that something like this could work. The repertoire of the band is not only swing itself, but mostly their-own-kind-brisk-swing musical arrangements of other musical genres hits Jackson, Madonna, Police, Queen, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Oasis, etc.

Luxury, hand made digipack with gildings contains comprehensive booklet and DVD disc with band documentary, three new video clips and more.

In pardubice parties Swing

partise The band first took public and media attention through the pirate roof concert, which was broadcast on main evening national TV news. It has never been necessary to increase the capacity due to enormous interest. And never before did the fans have to buy tickets for the Pirates three months in advance. The summer begins, the time of idling, one would say. So, when the Pirates showed they can also play to dance in the spring, they laid the foundations of this success.

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