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Popular visit among benefits holds that Area is one of the allies from the Areawhich kverton experience many opportunities, including his cybernetic facing, knowledge of predark science and visible, and the game to get his challenges on old good. When the game's son led a covenant west, he followed, level to see them all and take their will, but with the the covenants' help, he again soul. Louis; they spent the next two allies raiding local communities, until the spells finally called back and seen the area. Alias was 6'1", specific, with blue opportunities and a deep tan.

Alias was 6'1", lean, with blue eyes and a deep tan. He spoke with a slow Texas drawl. He had his older brother Morgan killed, then tried to blind his other brother Ryan himself - he carved out Ryan's left eye with a knife, but missed the right and left a long scar. After Ryan fled, his stepmother Titus' second wife, Rachel killed Titus and married Harvey; they took over Front Royal until Ryan and his friends returned to kill them and set things right Homeward Bound. Harvey was physically misshapen due to a breech birth - he had a hunched back, his right shoulder sat higher than the left, and his right leg didn't work right, so it dragged behind him. He was grossly overweight - nearly pounds - and completely insane.

Titus Cawdor's second wife; she smothered Titus soon after and married her stepson Harveywith whom she had a son, Jabez Pendragon. She was killed by Doc Tanner Homeward Bound. Rachel was tall and slim, with dark hair and eyes. She used to be very beautiful, before she became addicted to jolt. Cawdor, Jabez Pendragon D: Son of Rachel and Harvey Cawdor ; he was sly, manipulative, cruel, and amoral, combining the worst traits of both his parents. He was torn apart by Krysty after he tried to rape and kill her Homeward Bound. Jabez was of average height and appearance, except that the right side of his face was a little higher than the left; his right eye was curled down at the corner, so it looked like he was blinking constantly.

His plan nearly succeeded, except that the companions arrived before he had full control, and Ryan's nephew Nathan managed to communicate the situation to Ryan. The companions helped Nathan and his men free the ville from Overton and destroy most of his army; Overton himself was shot and mortally wounded by one of his men after he broke his word to Ryan regarding a truce. Mildred put him out of his misery with a dose of high-grade jolt Gemini Rising. Overton was a large man at 6'4", pounds. He was the spitting image of Ryan - curly black hair and blue eyes - but bore no relation to Ryan at all.

Charlie was a stickiebut not a normal example of the species - he was nearly 7 feet tall, thin as a rail, had a full head of blonde hair, and could speak quite well. He gathered together a bunch of other stickies in a community in New Mexico; they went on raids over a wide area, taking norm prisoners to torture and kill. Charlie and his people took Ryan and Krysty prisoner, but the pair escaped along with the other prisoners during an attack by a group of lepers. The community was largely wiped out, though Charlie got away; he showed up at Jak and Christina's farm a couple months later, begging for food.

When he threatened their infant daughter, Christina killed him with an axe Moon Fate. Jeremiah Croxton was a carnie who found a mineral spring and decided to use it as part of a scam - he founded a ville, then sent out young people many of them his own children to pretend they were old folks who'd bathed in a fountain of youth. They would bring back other people, kill the old folks, and put the children to work in the fields and constructing buildings. The scam worked until the companions caught on and killed him for it Baptism of Rage.

Leader of an army trying to conque the island of Puerto Rico. He was nicknamed "Handsome One" because his face was horribly scarred; he was quite intelligent and charismatic, however, as well as utterly ruthless. He chased the companions to a redoubt in the center of the island, then he and his army were slaughtered by the companions and the bioengineered creatures living there Crimson Waters. His ville couldn't support itself through normal farming, so he hit upon an idea to sponsor hunts, which rich barons and traders would pay good jack to watch or participate in. He planned to expand his reach, but when he captured the companions and made them hunt one of their number, they turned the tables on him.

Additionally the ville rose up against him; the rebels caught and killed him when he returned from the failed hunt Death Hunt. The group of beings Sluts in overton bridge colloquially as "the Family" they share the last name of Cornelius are the product of the Genesis Project. They escaped from Redoubt 47 shortly after skydark and took up Naked pokemon tra in the nearby ville of Bramtonwhere they fed upon the local populace. There were originally 12 members of the Family, but many of them died over the years due to accidents or disease.

The remaining members - Elric, Melmoth, Thomas, and Mary - were killed by the companions after their secret was revealed Bloodlines. All the Family were of similar appearance - tall 6 feet or moreskinny as a lathe, with pale skin and white hair. They had greatly enhanced senses, strength, and speed, and were nearly indestructible. Ferryman was the sec chief for Towse ; he was in Sluts in overton bridge of collecting tolls for people entering the ville. For those who refused to pay, he was authorized to chase them down and kill them. He also led raids on the local Indian tribes, which didn't endear the people of Towse to the Eskimo thumbnail cock. He was killed after he and Baron Carson tried to kill Trader's people and jack his war wags Time Nomads.

Edgar Gaza was the baron of Rockpointa ville in northern Texas in the middle of a salt flat. It was built around a pumping station, but Gaza maintained power by controlling the flow of water. He kept a harem of women who were "initiated" by having their tongues cut out; they were fanatically loyal to him. Gaza was a large, muscular man. He was killed in a battle with Roberto's convoy Bloodfire. The man known only as "The General" commanded a band of soldiers that raided a large area on both sides of the Rio Grande. When The General's men attacked Jak Lauren's farm and killed his wife and daughter, the companions rode after them, assaulted him in his lair, and killed him Rider, Reaper.

His ends were altruistic - he didn't plan to take charge himself, and he knew it would take far longer than his lifetime - but his means were ruthless: She eventually did so, with some help; the train rolled off the edge of a cliff with The General aboard Vengeance Trail. Don Hector was the leader of most of the people who lived in the valley around Mexico City. He orchestrated the invasion of an army of muties and norms from the north in order to force all the peoples of the valley to come together under his rule, but the companions had his agent among the raiders killed, and he himself was killed by Krysty when he tries to sacrifice her to gain immortality Shaking Earth.

Lars Hellstrom was the baron of Helskeland followed the ways of Charles Manson the people of Helskel were initiated into his "Family". He had a trade deal going with the inhabitants of the Anthill ; when the companions arrived, he used them as pawns in his plan to take over the Anthill and set himself up as the most powerful baron in Deathlands. The companions turned the tables on him, however, destroying the town and escaping him and his men Stoneface. Lars is tall and very lean, with black hair and dark eyes. Leader of a group of bandits. With the help of a mutie named Tag who had the ability to sense other muties, he gained control of a small ville near Val-d'Or, Canada and used it as his base of operations.

He tried to take over Val-d'Or for years, but never succeeded. When the baron's son led a convoy west, he followed, seeking to kill them all and take their loot, but with the the companions' help, he again failed. He died when the convoy truck he was attacking broke through the ice on a frozen lake, taking him down with it Hell Road Warriors. Silas Hunter was the baron of Salvationa ville in central Texas, that grew as a result of nearby oil wells. Silas made a deal with the barons of several nearby villes to create a coalition - everyone contributed money and manpower to work the oil wells, and they would all benefit from the proceeds.

The only problem was, there was no oil - something that Hunter was desperate to conceal. He hired the companions as sec men to stop a mysterious group of mercies from sabotaging the wells actually Hunter's men, creating delays to keep the barons from catching on with the intent of destroying the wells for good and making them the scapegoats. They caught on to his plan, though, and dropped him down one of his own wells before making their escape Salvation Road. Silas Jamaisvous, aka Dr. Terrance Silas Burr his original name was a whitecoat who was in charge of Operation Chronos. As part of Operation Chronos, the whitecoats took peeks into the future to see how things would be.

They discovered the reality of the nuclear war and its aftermath and made plans to bring someone from the past Doc Tanner and use him to change the course of time. Doc created too much trouble and was eventually shoved forward in time, and the apocalypse came before they could anything else; Silas used the mat-trans to send himself forward in time against regulations before the holocaust hit. He ended up in Deathlands,in the Puerto Rico redoubt. From there, he experimented with sending some of the local life forms the chupacabras back in time; when the redoubt's nuke generator started to fail, he hired the natives to break the mat-trans chamber down and move it to El Morro Castle, where he continued his research into time travel.

With Doc's help, he was finally able to complete his experiments, and Doc took the maiden voyage of his working time machine. Silas Jamaisvous whose last name means is derived from "jamais vu", or "something you've never seen but think you have before" was about six feet tall and lean, with tanned skin, a long face, and silver hair in a pronounced widow's peak. He always dressed in nice clothing and a lab coat. Jenna was the wife of Baron Alien of Raw ville. She was a powerful empath who acquired her mutie taint from the Illuminated Ones how is unclear; she was likely the result of genetic experimentation ; she could both feel and project emotions. Jenna was obsessed with creating "perfect" human beings, probably because of her own mutation; she had a secret lab in Raw where she experimented on cloning children to create blond-hair, blue-eyed specimens.

She got rid of her failures by allowing them to wander free of the ville, where the Sunchildren would capture them and take them back to their ville for ritual sacrifice. She seduced the sec chief, Harvey to aid her in her plans, though she had no feelings for him beyond his usefulness to her. Jenna was a petite, very pretty woman with long black hair and black eyes. She was killed by Krysty after her plans were exposed and she and Harvey tried to escape Raw Sunchild. Kaa, also known as Zit and Patch, was a huge mutie with powerful psionic abilities.

He had a pineal third eyewhich he had to open and close manually. When open, it enabled him to use his powers to communicate and control muties, most notably stickies. He started out life in Baron Willie Elijah's mutie zoo, but gradually wormed his way into the baron's good graces and gained access to the library, where he learned all sorts of things, including how to work the gateways. He escaped from Willie ville and used his powers and knowledge to gather and control a huge stickie army, with which he planned to wipe out all norms in Deathlands.

The companions stumbled onto his plan, however, and warned the ville ahead of time; his army was largely wiped out, and Kaa himself fled to the nearby redoubt, where he used the gate to jump to a new location. The companions followed with a small nuke, which they set on a timer and jumped back to the first redoubt; Kaa activated the gate a millisecond before the nuke went off, and he was lost in the system Skydark. Lord Baron Maxwell Kinnison was the lord of the Marshall Islands, a despot who ruled with an iron fist. He was one of the few people to most people's knowledge, the only one on the islands who knew the formula for making black powder - a secret he guarded jealously, as it ensured his power, along with a fleet of PT boats and Firebirds, rockets controlled by tiny creatures called pilots.

He was killed when a volcano erupted near his land while he was out taking a tour in his Humvee; he fled the vehicle, only to fall into a crack in the earth and be burned alive in the lava Shadow Fortress. Kinnison was morbidly obese around pounds and had leprosy, an affliction he got from a gaudy whore. A healer and the baron of Hazard villeKirkland is a large, bulky man with a shaved head and red sideburns. He controlled Hazard by creating rumors of a "plague", against which he periodically inoculated all the ville's inhabitants. Anyone who tried to leave the ville was caught and killed by his sec men then left to rot, so when they were found, he could claim the plague got them.

His scheme was revealed by the companions, and he and his men got into a huge battle with them, but the companions fled, leaving him alive Way of the Wolf. One of a band of explorers who broke into a redoubt in Kansas and accidentally unleashed a deadly virus that turned humans into rotties. She was infected but somehow gained a state of balance with the virus, becoming a zombie queen that could exert control over other rotties. She disappeared after her horde was wiped out by an acid rain storm Wretched Earth. Johnson Lester yes, that's his name was a sec man for Baron Willie Elijah. When he failed to catch Doc's sword stick on a routine pat-down, he was banished to the basement of Baron Elijah's tower to work the wheel that raised and lowered the elevator.

He was believed killed, along with all the other slaves in the room, after the elevator collapsed when Willie ville was overrun by stickies Skydark. He actually survived, but he was badly burned, to the point where he was barely recognizable as human. A stickie named Budd pulled him from the ruins and nursed him back to health, but his mind was shattered by his experience. He changed his name to Norm and started building a new stickie army; this one was aimed toward taking over Freedom ville. When he heard that Ryan Cawdorthe man he blamed for his situation, was in Freedom, he immediately attacked, despite his army not being properly prepared.

Freedom fell to the stickies, but the army was mostly wiped out and Lester himself was killed Freedom Lost. The man known only as Magus or the Wizard, the Sorcerer, the Warlock, etc. He used to work with Gert Wolframusing stickies for slave labor and selling them as well; Trader and his people broke up the operation years ago, nearly killing Magus. Magus and Wolfram rebuilt their operation, and Magus received a life-saving surgery that gave him prosthetic eye lenses, a new lower jaw, and replacement hands. After the companions killed Wolfram and disbanded the Deathlands Carnival and Freak Show, he has been acting on his own, though his plans are unknown to any but himself.

He is known to have created stickies and is rumored to have a base somewhere in the northwestern US, as well as access to time-travel technology unlikely; this myth is just to explain his constant acquisition of predark tech, much of which he could build himself or find in stockpiles. He works behind the scenes, providing arms and munitions, technology, and other items for those who can pay and aren't too particular about the source. His goals are murky, but it appears that his actions are geared toward creating chaos and havoc - preventing humanity from climbing out of the morass and rebuilding civilization. Popular theory among readers holds that Magus is one of the scientists from the Anthillwhich would explain many things, including his cybernetic body, knowledge of predark science and tech, and the ability to get his hands on old tech.

Magus is a horror to behold - his eyes are twin chromed orbs, his lower jaw and teeth are metal, and his body is a hideous and imperfect fusion of metal parts and human flesh. Despite his appearance, though, everything works quite well, and his cybernetics give him immense strength and the ability to take damage far beyond what a normal human could endure. The companions have tried to kill him multiple times with no success. He is completely amoral and most likely insane, though whether this was the case before or after he started replacing parts of himself is unclear. A baron who commanded a large army in the American Southwest.

He had taken over several villes, but one in particular Sunspot was a tough nut to crack - it guarded a strategic pass, but he and another baron had been fighting over it for several months, taking and retaking it. He captured the companions on one of his raids, making them part of his army when he attacked Sunspot. The other baron used artillery to drop nerve gas on the ville, killing most of the inhabitants, Malosh's army, and Malosh himself Sunspot. Baron Malosh was a large muscular man, perfectly normal in all aspects except for his mouth, which resembled a baby's - soft and underdeveloped. He wore a mesh mask over his mouth to hide his deformity.

A psychopath and sexual sadist, Marie used her father's extensive wealth to get her anything she desired. She was known for having sex with any man she fancied, often mutilating them during the act or after she was done with them - very few got away unscathed. She would also use a predark camcorder to make snuff porn. Marie was very beautiful - medium height, slim, with dark eyes and long black hair. When the companions arrived at her ville, she seduced Michael Brotherusing drugs and alcohol to induce him into sexual acts of perversion while watching her home movies. He realized she was starring in the movies and fled her room, which turned her against him. He killed her when he and his friends escaped from the mansion Cold Asylum.

He was known for being an astute trader with contacts all over North America and was one of the richest men in Deathlands. He had a wide variety of collections - art, firearms, fine wines, etc. He stood a few inches over six feet, with thick white hair and beard, rosy cheeks, and beady blue eyes. While he ruled the ville in name, his daughter Marie ruled in fact. He was killed by Dean during the companions' escape from his ville Cold Asylum. The sheriff of Cascade, Virginia. The people there run a scam - they send him out as a "doomie" who supposedly knows of a great untapped cache of predark loot. He finds traders and groups of people with lots of equipment, reveals his knowledge through "visions", and leads them back to the ville to be ambushed and killed.

After Cascade was largely destroyed in a huge battle, he escaped along with two hellhounds Eden's Twilight. Cal Mitchum was the baron of Ratak villea small town in the Marshall Islands. The companions rescued him and his men from pirates; in return, he took them back to his ville and gave them supplies. Unfortunately, they were being chased by the local lord, Baron Kinnisonso he and Ryan concocted an escape plan: Ryan would shoot and wound him to make it more believable.

Bridgw shot him twice, and he took offense brudge the second wound, which turned him against the group. He ended up leading Kinnison's men in pursuit of the companions and eventually caught up to them outside a redoubt on another island. He was killed by a Cerberus guardian Shadow Fortress. The man known only as Moses an alias was a mutie with hypnotic powers who used his power to set himself up as ruler over the ville of Quindley. He convinced the people living there that anyone Sults the overhon of 25 had to Sluuts in actuality, he wanted young people around so they were less likely to question his power.

He died in a fire accidentally set by one of his acolytes Twilight Children. Moses was barely five feet tall, but weighed close Slutss pounds. He looked young, except for his overto, which was old and wrinkled. While Snakefish was run by a baron, they held the real power; they were backed up by a group of bikers called oerton Last Sluts in overton bridge and a dozen pverton mutie rattlesnakes, to which Sluts in overton bridge fed anyone who went against them. Norman was a little brirge average height and weighed around pounds; he was in his mids.

Marianne was short, barely 4'10", and just as fat. Their apprentice, Joshua, bidge blond ocerton equally fat. All im were killed by the companions: A time-clone of Ovetton Tanner's who was created when Doc was brought rbidge through time. Nectar ended up in Deathlands and found a base in Alaska, which he used to ovetton a portal back to Baron of Vistaa small ville Naughty teen dating in villanueva the Colorado mountains. He was driven mad by the loss of his son; when the companions arrived in Gridge, he Slut Dean for his own and one of the women for his wife.

He sent the men off to Yuma bring back some or all of the people who killed his son - the deal was that they had ten days; if they made it back, everyone would go free. His mother, who was more insane that he was, let slip his plans to betray them and keep Dean and one or both of the women and tried to kill all three, so Dean killed her and Krysty was forced to kill the baron Shockscape. Baron Nelson was a huge man - a few inches over seven feet tall, and about pounds. He had long white hair and a matching beard. He and his close friend Bronson found the place and set about rebuilding it; over the course of time, Poseidon's madness came to the fore, and he became obsessed with power.

He gathered an army around him, both enlisted men and mercenaries, and discovered a working Los Angeles-class nuclear sub, armed with a single Tomahawk missile that lacked a warhead. When one of the mines he'd set in the ocean off the Georgia coast sank the boat Ryan and his companions were on, resulting in the loss of Krysty and JakRyan swore vengeance. He got onto the base and into the sub as Poseidon took it on its maiden voyage. It was intended to be a short cruise to test-fire the missile, but the sub hit a mine and sank with Poseidon on board, while Ryan escaped. Poseidon is a huge man - 6'6" and around pounds, all of it muscle.

He has graying hair, a thick beard, and eyes that shade from gray to black depending on his mood. Rumors have it that he is the result of genetic manipulation; he even let slip that he "grew up behind glass, with my father and mother observing me The final page of Watersleep noted that Poseidon was still alive on the ocean floor in the remains of the sub and that he has some ability to breathe water, probably through gillsbut he has not made an appearance since. Pyra Quadde was captain of the whaling ship Salvation and one of the most evil people man or woman the group had ever encountered.

She was the best whaler on the Maine coast - she claimed to be able to smell the whales, though whether this was mutie ability or simply skill is unknown. She was a psychopath and a sexual sadist who punished any man who disobeyed her orders by chaining them to the mast or to her bunk, raping them, then killing them. No one in the town of Claggartville dared oppose her - besides her own power, most of the men on her ship were loyal to her because of the jack they earned. After Ryan killed her second mate in a barfight, she had him and Donfil More by accident shanghaied. Ryan escaped with the help of his friends and chased Quadde and her first mate to a small island, where he killed them Dectra Chain.

Pyra Quadde was the ugliest woman Ryan had ever seen. She was 47 years old, 5'10", and pounds, much of it muscle. She had auburn hair, black eyes, and a sallow complexion marked with boils and warts, along with a mustache and a set of false teeth made from whalebone. Quint, also known as "the Keeper", was a crazy old man who lived in Redoubt Zulu with his wives Rachel and Lori. He was the last in a line of "keepers" who maintained the redoubt. He tried to kill the companions after they entered a restricted area in the redoubt, but Ryan killed him instead Red Holocaust.

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Quint was barely five feet tall and had long silver-white hair and a beard braided with orange and green ribbons. He wore a strange ensemble of clothing sequined jacket, leather breeches hacked off above the knees, and a woman's high-heeled boot on one foot and a blue suede shoe on the other. Quint the Keeper's sister and his wife, she was nearly as old as her brother. She was killed by Ryan when she and Quint tried to kill the companions after they entered a restricted Sluts in overton bridge in the redoubt Red Holocaust. Ryuku was the leader of a band of ronin, renegade samurai, who opposed his brother, Lord Mashashige.

He was killed by the companions during an attack on Mashashige's fortress Keepers of the Sun. Ryuku was about 5'4", pounds, with black hair, porcine features, and a long drooping mustache. Unlike his brother, he disdained the notions of honor and bushido. Levi Shabazz was a trader without morals. He dealt in slaves, drugs, or anything else that would make him money. He allied himself with Baron Zeal to double-cross Tradersteal his war wags, and use them to gain entry to Spearpointa massive Sluts in overton bridge.

He was killed by the redoubt's guardian when he and Zeal used some prisoners to gain access Encounter. Baron of a small ville near Washington Hole. He kept a collection of muties both animal and humanoid on display for his personal entertainment. Turkey dont be so blind. They already know who they want. There only doing this interview process to cover their behinds. Its like the Roony rule in the NFL, its a waste peoples time and resources. As I said, you're not even allowing for any possibility that it might be a good idea to consider five candidates instead of just one for a vital and highly paid town job.

That's not a proposition you can successfully defend. Say you think it's political, fine, but don't just rule out any chance that it might be otherwise. By Turkey BridgeQuiogue on Apr 23, 11 And they hate it. Suck it up and move on. By clam pieWesthampton on Apr 23, 11 It sounds great that we should open up the interviewing to outsiders. You can see how that has served the Schools and protected the taxpayers. At least we know who we are dealing with. Bridget I recalled bragged about her having the PBA in her corner. I think maybe we should look at this.

George this is smoke and mirrors, interviewing others and you know it! This was a back room deal at its worst and you know that too. This is about the conservative party and the PBA calling the shots. How much dishonesty should we George you are a disgrace as well. So give us all a break and stop trying to spin this. BTW you are not very good at it. If Wilson is selected as Chief, this was a back room deal at its worst. By reg repSouthampton on Apr 24, 11 9: BTW, even if who you say I am were true, so what? What I say is right or it's wrong, regardless of who I am. We don't know who you are and no one cares.

Your comments are unpersuasive whoever you are. By Turkey BridgeQuiogue on Apr 24, 11 Kratoville's on the job performance. So perhaps the guy hiding behind an anonymous handle might want to make full disclosure of his own agenda. Hard to give credence to a guy who complains about backroom deals but hides behind a cloak of darkness him or her self.

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