This vegetable was used by the Indians as food and remedy 9000 years ago. The chilies belong in the nightshade family, just like the potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.

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Cayenne pepper should be in every medicine cabinet as a part of the first aid kit.

A research has proved that the cayenne has many exceptional health and healing benefits, including the prevention of heart attack, cold and bleeding. In this article you will read how to stop internal and external bleeding in emergency situations with the help of cayenne pepper.

How you should use cayenne for external wounds

By the time you count to ten, the bleeding should stop completely after applying the red pepper.”

Take a little bit chili pepper in powder and apply it directly into the cut or the wound. The bleeding should stop in just 10-15 seconds.

The cayenne solution should be reserved for small cuts and scrapes. For bigger wounds you should use one teaspoon of powdered red pepper, mix it with glass of warm water and drink it fast.

The cayenne is strong like styptic (a substance able to stop the bleeding when applied directly on the wound). The cayenne is not only effective in stopping the bleeding fast, but it also makes a disinfection of the cut or the wound, so you will not have any worries about infections.

Dr. Schulze notes that the red pepper is the number one when it comes to first aid! We should use it whenever we have problem with our blood-blood loss, lumps. The red pepper contains vitamins that destroy the bacteria and boost the immune system.

Cayenne pepper also contains vitamins A and C, carotenoids and plenty of antioxidants.