No one likes to find spider webs in the wall and ceiling corners of the house. Of course, clean and tidy house is not as appealing to the insects as a messy and dirty one, but still, even with frequent cleaning, the appearance of insects is a common thing.nane za bube


No matter how clean we keep our homes, balcony or garden, spiders will always find a way to settle in our immediate surrounding.

How to get rid of them?

If you have this plant in your house, you will never again see spiders, bugs or fruit flies. Did you know that spiders and other smaller insects cannot stand the smell of mint? Great idea- put this plant everywhere around the house, where the insects appear.

The mint plant has a strong aroma. It will protect your home not only from spiders, but also from all sorts of bugs, insects and fruit flies.

You can also make a mint spray- mix a little bit of essential mint oil (10 drops in half a liter of water), put it in a sprayer and use when/where needed.

You can use this mixture to spray all the dark and unreachable corners of your apartment, balcony, storage room in the backyard, or anywhere the spiders appear. The pleasant and fresh aroma of the spray makes it also perfect as a natural air freshener, which is completely harmless to humans.