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Prevalence of Domestic Violence against Women in Iran: A Systematic Review

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The average zajjan of subjects has been The average Woman sex in zanjan at marriage has been Data have been collected through researcher-design questionnaires and interviews. As well as, domestic sx had a correlation with education men and women, job, living in the village to age 20 years, addiction of male and female and living with other family members. The greatest cause of violence, according to violating women, has been poor economic situation and husband's job [ 24 ]. The prevalence of domestic violence and its effect on mental health fields has been assessed on patients referred to health centers of medical university of Shahid Beheshti in Tehran.

Subjects have been selected by multistage cluster sampling method. Inclusion criteria of the study have been women's years old and absence of zahjan in life time. Data have collected by sx violence questionnaire and SCL90 questionnaire. The prevalence of various types of violence has been reported about Another study has been done by Tarkashvand and colleagues aimed to determine the frequency of domestic violence against women on women referred to 7 health centers of Rafsanjan. Subjects have been selected by multistage sampling method. The self-study questionnaire was used to collecting the information.

Women aged years with a mean The results of this study have shown that, totally, The frequency of physical violence, verbal abuse, emotional violence, and sexual violence has been reported about Additionally, according to findings, there was significant relationship age of couple, education level of women, husband occupation, history of mental illness in the couple, number of marriage, and the number of disabled children in the family [ 9 ]. The convenience method has been used to selecting subjects. The data in this study have been collected by questionnaire and interview. The results of this study have revealed that the prevalence of violence in women has been Particularly, emotional violence has allocated the most frequency Moreover, duration of marriage, number of children, age difference between spouses, age at marriage for male, female employment, unemployment and drug abuse by husbands have associated with violence [ 29 ].

Derakhshanpour and his colleagues have evaluated the prevalence of domestic violence against women on women referred to the Shahid Mohammadi hospital between and in Bandar Abbass province. Recruiting subjects have been convenience sampling method. In this study, a researcher-designed questionnaire has been used to data collection. The age of women averaged Also in this study, education and addiction has considered two influential factors on domestic violence [ 22 ].

Discussion This study was Womn to determine the prevalence of physical violence against women in Iran, the prevalence of physical violence was estimated The prevalence of physical violence between different studies flactuated from aex. The prevalence of physical sexx is higher in the last mentioned countries than others. In the present study, physical wex has taken first place in most of reviewed studies. In a study in Peru [ 42 ], physical violence has estimated about Also, another study in Nigeria [ 43 ] has classified the physical violence as a prevalent violence against women In a study by Clark and colleagues [ 44 ], physical violence has classified in second place In most studies, age of women has had a significant relationship with occurrence of violence against women; however some studies reported contradictory results.

Also, the prevalence of physical violence has positive correlation whit age of men. But the finding of some studies was not similar to conducted studies in other countries [ 6 ]. The results of curried out studies in Iran indicate that education level especially university education of men and women lead to decreasing violence against women, which could be due to higher levels of culture and the better economic situation of family.

In a study in USA, level of education has considered as a protective factor [ 45 ]. Another study has shown that living in rural areas, low education, living in poor families and unemployed husband are the most factors of physical violence against women [ 46 ]. In the other countries the figure of violence has decreased by increasing women's education. Furthermore, low-income women and housewives are faced to violence more Woman sex in zanjan employed women [ 6 ]. It seems that the rise in women's educational level is along with financial independence of women, which could be a protective factor against physical violence.

According to the results of studies, employment of women significantly is related to the frequency of physical violence against women. Also, based upon some studies, there is noticeable relationship between unemployment of male and violence against wives, as well as significant relationship between engagement of men and violence towards his wife [ 47 - 49 ], which could be affected by economic problems. As well as income of family could affects this issue so that the figure of violence has suggested more percentage in low income family than high income family.

Furthermore, low social class likely involves the amount of violence, so that the prevalence of physical violence in families with lower social class is more than families with higher social class. This integration has led to improvement of Iranian health status. The absence of formal system of sex education in Iran leads to misinformation and misunderstandings about sexuality and sexual relationship in Iranian couples, which in turn contributes to sexual problems and dissatisfaction with sexual relationships. It starts with permission level that requires communication skills for initiating and maintaining a friendly, encouraging, and comfortable relationship between client and provider for talking about sexual thoughts, concerns, and behaviors.

In step 3, specific information should have been obtained and specific suggestions are provided. Therefore, this step requires more specialized and specific knowledge and skill. The last step involves referring to a specialist. In this study, we evaluate the efficacy of applying the first two steps of PLISSIT model in decreasing women's sexual problems and dysfunction. It seems that in the context of absence of any sex education and counseling, applying the first two steps can improve sexual function in a large number of women, as myths, lack of knowledge, and misunderstandings easily make them candidates for sexual problems and dysfunctions.

Inclusion criteria were as follows: Exclusion criteria were as follows: This standardized questionnaire evaluates six domains of female sexual functioning during a four-week period that is identified as desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain during sexual intercourse. The domain of female sexual arousal disorder is assessed in terms of frequency, level, confidence and satisfaction with eight questions. It is further divided into two separate domains of lubrication four items and arousal four items. These items assess both the peripheral lubrication as well as the central subjective sexual arousal and desire components.

Elements and Methods A too-sectional study was conducted to prime srx re- lated to u functioning in PCOS elements attending to the no practice centers in Kashan, Hiroshima Responsible, Iran, from May to Gusto Sexuality is an important and responsible domain in QOL caballeros. J Gorgan La of Medical Sciences.

zanjna Other domains assessed include srx three itemsorgasm three items and satisfaction three items. A scoring algorithm is applied to each domain and a composite score is obtained. Scores ranged for items and areand for items 1, 2, 15 and 16 are By adding the scores of the individual items comprising the domain and by multiplying the sum by the domain factor, individual domain scores are then obtained. Maximum scores for factors are as follows: A total score is obtained by adding the six domain scores. The full-scale score range is from 2. You may not feel as good about your body.

You may have changes in the way your body looks and works from surgery or radiation.

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You may have pain, or not really care about sex. Sexual Womzn are often worse during and right after treatment. They can also show up months or years after treatment ends. Some problems may also get better over time. In Wonan cases, it may take 1 to 2 years to feel normal again. Or your sex life may be changed forever. What causes sexual problems for women after cancer? Sexual problems can be caused by many kinds of treatment for cancer. Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy can all cause sexual problems. They can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels, remove glands and organs, cause scar tissue to form, and change the balance of sex hormones in your body.

Many women with cancer have sexual problems. Your risk depends on: The type of cancer and where it was in your body Your sexual function before you had cancer The kinds of treatment you had How long treatment lasted Your stress level and how you are coping with changes Types of sexual problems for women after cancer Cancer treatments can cause many kinds of sexual changes. Some of these may get better or go away with time as nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues heal. The problems can include: This means loss of interest in having sex. This can make the vagina less flexible. This is the narrowing or tightening of the vagina.

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