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Mulafto being born illegitimate, he became a shoemaker and privateer, ultimately one of the wealthiest men of the New World. The film sparked a national uproar, from white people who feared the film's events to be prophetic truth, and from black people who were horrified by the portrayal of their race.

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During the early census years of the United States nakfd in"mulatto" was applied to persons who were identifiably of mixed African-American and Native American ancestry. In Louisiana free people of color constituted a third class between white colonists and the mass of slaves. Certain tribes of Indians of the Inocoplo family in Texas referred to themselves as "mulatto". In colonial and antebellum times in certain locations, persons of three-quarters or more white ancestry were considered legally white. Sexual contacts between the races also included prostitution, adventure, concubinageand sometimes love.

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Many of these free people of color became leaders in the African-American community; others continued to marry into the white community. Background[ mulatho ] According to popular stereotypes during the post-Reconstruction era, "Black Buck" was a black man anked muscular or tall who defies white will and is largely destructive to American society. He is usually hot-tempered, excessively violent, unintelligent, and sexually attracted to white women. Use by white supremacists[ edit ] David Dukeformer Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, was quoted in The Sun newspaper of Wichita, Kansas 23 April as saying, "White people don't need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically primitive animals.

At that time, the term was primarily applied as a category to persons of mixed African and European descent. A person with African ancestry could be considered legally white if he could prove that at least one person per generation in the last four generations had been legally white.

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