Wheat Germ Benefits

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This Simple Oil Has More Health Benefits Than You May Know

Wheat germ has long been known for its healing and curative effects due to its vitamin E content and essential fatty acid content. Often in cosmetics, wheat germ is added to have the effects of vitamin E without actually adding the vitamin E.

Benefits Of Wheat Germ

Listed below are just a few health benefits that wheat germ can help you with.

  • Hormonal Disturbances: For many years expectant and nursing mothers have sworn by the use of wheatgerm oil to prevent miscarriage and premature birth. Often miscarriages are related to deficiencies, so wheat germ is a good oil ot take. Irregular periods and PMS have also been helped with the use of wheatgerm as it contains the fatty acids which help with reducing inflammation and restoring balance.
  • The Heart: The vitamin E content assists the heart in two ways. The essential fatty acids help with cell regulation and health and the vitamin E assists with any blood clotting probems. Caution needs to be taken with the concurrent use of warfarin and vitamin E. It not only nourishes the heat but all of the coronary blood vessels. Improved health of blood vessels will also assist with better memory, vertigo and fainting spells as it will increase circulation.
  • Obesity: With wheat germ helping hormonal disturbances, this in turn will assist in any weight problems due to unsettling hormones. Wheat germ along with kelp assists a sluggish thyroid, so you will be burning up energy faster, add excercise to this formula and it disappears even faster.
  • Enlarged Prostate: Because of wheat germ’s ability to decrease inflammation through the essential fatty acids, this is a great adjunct to use in benign prostatic hypertrophy. Wheat germ oil can be used with herbs such as saw palmetto or epilobium.
  • Skin Problems: The vitamin E in wheat germ promotes healing of the skin due to burns, abrasions and scars. it can also be put on scars from acne, this is very nourishing for the skin, internally and topically.

Dosages of Wheat Germ

Wheat germ oil is best taken three times a day (except for those on blood thinners).

Children and teenagers will benefit from taking three tablespoons of oil a day as it is a strengthening oil that helps with tiredness due to school work and lack of sleep.

Adults can take the same dose and it will act as a tonic.

Wheat germ does not need to be taken forever and it is always wiser to add wheat germ into your diet opposed to adding supplements. Wheat germ can be found in most wholegrain products like multi-grain bread, nuts and seed.

Don’t be afraid to add wheat germ to your cooking such as salads and salad dressing. Heating the oil is not advised as this will denature the oil and you will be left with a lesser product.


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